Ideas for Non-Lavish Dates


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Dates do not necessarily have to hurt your pocket or your bank account. Guys can enjoy an evening with the person they are interested with and shell out a few pennies only. Ladies do not have to buy a thousand dollar elegant dress to match the posh restaurant.

An art gallery tour, a walk by the shore, a freezing time in the ice skating rink – these are some of the “cheap” dates one can think of. Plus, you get to bring out the child in your, thus creating the fun atmosphere. At the end of the day, what you will remember are the moments you laughed and the seconds you smiled.

Here are some ideas for not-so-expensive-yet-very-fun dates for the different types of people:

A. The Hopeless Romantics

A dinner date at home with the food you cooked will do wonders. Add some sultry music in the background. Get some wine and light the candle – that is one way of defining romantic.

Picnicking with someone is a surefire romantic move. Opt for inexpensive but secluded place.

Have a beach day. Start and end your day by the shore and witness how the sun shows up in the morning and sets down during the dawn. Just do not forget to take pictures.

B. The Family Guy/Gal

Prepare your specialty dish and invite your sweetheart’s family over to your abode. Discuss light topics such as cooking recipes with the mother, latest in cars with the father, shopping sale with the sister or Billboard’s Top 100 with the brother.

Organize a mini-Olympics in your house or your darling’s. The games could range from board games, Taboo, charades or even badminton. If the family is sporty, you can add ball games but with less strict rules.

Invite the parents from both sides to have a triple date – you and your partner, plus the 2 pairs of parents. It is a sure thing that the parents will share their love stories and give you some love advices. Call this family bonding. C. The Artists by Heart

Attend an art school’s exhibit. Either you shell out a few dimes as for the entrance fee or none at all. Maybe you can get some inspiration and plan a come-what-may painting session with your lovey dovey.

Tour around a nearby town known for its museums or architectural designs. Take as many pictures as you can. As soon as you come home, print all the pictures and then make a scrapbook with your sweetheart.

Visit a coffee shop that features poetry reading. Read a poem you dedicate to your beloved in front of an audience. It would be much sweeter if you wrote the poem yourself.

D. The Home Bodies

Enjoy the moon and the stars in your backyard. Pull out a mat, lie down and take turns in sharing what you about the universe and everything in it. Just make sure you apply insect repellent lotion.

Spend your weekends for movie marathon. Assign a theme for each week. The theme can be a movie genre or films of a particular actor or Oscars winners.

And the list of date ideas goes on and on. When or where you spend you date does not matter. It is who you spend it with that is more important.

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